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Hackathon 2018, we bring together best coders, developers, designers, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Hackathon is geared up for those who are passionate about building, designing and innovating. It is a 25 Hr event where the enthusiasts meet, develop and compete in the product prototyping competition. We encourage all kinds of ideas, whether it’s a proof of concept, looks-like-works-like model or a prototype


“Think BIG start SMALL” In the wake of being recognized by the world sprouting entrepreneurs do confront such a significant number of difficulties. On the off chance that you want to adapt up to this and might want to encounter this scenario in reality then this occasion anticipates you. So establish your priorities and get to work!


“Stop sketching start BUILDING” It’s not about an Idea It’s about making it happen! And if you have one for what reason not take a shot at it and fabricate your fantasy world! So here is a stage for the growing business visionaries to feature their business plan and take their first step to venture out their long trip.


“Exercise your GREY MATTER” A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely much more than much knowledge that is idle. It definitely has no meaning if not put into actions. So if you think you are worth it the upcoming questionnaire awaits for you!! Think hard work smart!!


“All you need is A BILLION DOLLARS” Are you a cricket maniac? Have you at any point thought how they are chosen in the team? Might you want to sell for one such player? Here we have one opportunity for each one of those IPL lovers to be an auctioneer themselves! Come to the ground, experience the genuine crap and live it!


“No one is you and that is your power” In an ever hallucinating corporate world the monotony and the feverish efforts of a leader impact much more than the position of the company itself. So often it is not the winning that finds the problem but a wise decision. So if you aim to be one put on your shoes and get ready to brush up your skills.


Imagine a scenario where the general population quit utilizing the products of an organization because of the new stuffs! Do u feel this obsolete startup be started again? Go ahead work upon it and make it a win this time!


“CAPTURE all you possibly can!” Eyes like a shutter and mind like a lens that is what you ought to have if you want to be a part of this event! Regardless of your identity a photographer or a sharp onlooker all you require is observatory aptitudes! On the off chance if you want to capture it all show up and flaunt your photography skills!


“Everything you want is on the other side of FEAR.” Are you an aspirant of a great empire! Do you have the guts to be an Emperor of a kingdom and settle on testing choices? Do you trust that you can anticipate the result of a war?