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About Us

All progressive organizations are an outcome of the dreams, ideas and creativity of its leaders, and so, a group of illustrious and enterprising men from Ghaziabad began an ambitious programme of philanthropy. They established Krishna Charitable society, a non-profit making organization and undertook the bold venture of performing service to society through non-governmental education system.

Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology was established almost two decades ago with an aim to provide advanced technical education to its students through its compelling and dedicated staff. KIET seeks to make its students technologically sound and ethically profound. Our mission is to achieve academic excellence, provide strong conceptual knowledge and instil right human values and professional ethics. KIET e-Cell: The Entrepreneurship Development Cell seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial mind-set by providing necessary guidance, motivation and assistance to the aspiring entrepreneurs. KIET e-Cell is purely a student body, run by a bunch of enthusiastic students, which aims to foster entrepreneurship culture among the students, fans the innovative spark in them and supports them to transform their ideas into reality.

KIET e-Cell is strongly backed and promoted by its patron organization i.e. “TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS INCUBATOR (TBI)-KIET, Department of Science and Technology (DST)-Government of India” and “Computer Science Department”.

KIET e-Cell proudly brings to you, the third edition of Techno-Entrepreneurial Fest, ‘Endeavour’17’ which not only show cases the talent that hid behind the curtains all this longboat but also wishes to showcase the determination of one's strength and wills. So let not one which hitch hold view from being what you can be, let the talent inside you colour your success clouds with all your favourite colours.

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